The Cause of Eye Swelling When Wake Up …

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This Cause Eye Swelling When Wake Up – Tips Health, Probably most of you reading this have experienced swollen eyes when you wake up from sleep…. Because the process is not known medically, many people say that the eyes are swollen because urinated on by the cockroach causing by eye swelling . In fact, …this  theory is clearly not true… Eyes suddenly swelled make us confident while undergoing daily activities …

Swollen eyes upon waking is the most common and is caused by several factors. Here are some things that can cause swelling in the eye…:

Sleeping position

Sleeping with your head elevated is not able to make the fluid accumulates under the eyes. Conversely, if the head propped up slightly by placing a pillow under the head will allow the force of gravity to pull the fluid out of the eye naturally.

How much time sleeping

Getting enough sleep not only helps the body to function properly, but also affect the level of inflammation in the body. When you do not get enough sleep, the blood vessels under the eyes will dilate and closer to the surface so that it looks more swollen.

Food and beverages were consumed before bed

If you eat foods rich in sodium or excessive drinking then it is likely to wake up with puffy eyes. This is because the food is too salty or high sodium causes the body to retain water thereby triggering swollen eyes.

Meanwhile alcoholic beverages act as a trigger dehydration making the skin under my eyes feel thinner. This causes fluid to accumulate more visible and appear more swollen.

Even so there are some things that can be done as a routine to effectively reduce eye puffiness are:

Cold compresses to the eye area as a whole for a few minutes after waking up. To compressed,.. can use cucumber slices, cloth, cotton or a wet tea bag that serves to constrict blood vessels.

Gently apply pressure on the bone around the eye as when compressed, this condition will encourage circulation and help reduce excess fluids.

If the eye swelling caused by eating salty foods at night, then drink water when you wake up can help reduce eye puffiness.

Try to sleep enough and use a pillow to help prop up the head so as to prevent the accumulation of fluid around the eyes during sleep.

If the eyes are swollen due to an allergy to something, then identify triggers the allergy. Allergies can be caused by soaps, cosmetics or certain medications….


For some of the most common and the most popular for swollen eyes/puffy eyes treatment or remidies,.., .. try to see the link on the right side of this blog ….




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