Allergy…is one of Eye Swelling causes …








Some allergy symptoms that often arise: itchy, watery, red eyes, and swollen … Some medicines and simple equipment such as spoons, .. to treat it ….


Being in the air outdoors during spring. Or when cleaning the garage, shed or basement of your home … cause allergies. It is often experienced every year … that is triggered by symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion and watery and puffy eyes …. Allergies can cause puffy eyes, .. becomes red, itchy, watery and very uncomfortable ….


“The reason people experiencing swollen eyes … from allergies, .. is due to the contact between the eye with the air around us …. “said assistant professor at Ohio state University College of medicine pulmonary care, .. Ogbogu MD.

“When allergens overwrite your eyes, .. they as a kind of late in your eyes … “said Dr. Ogbogu …

“They have been in contact with the lining of the eye [conjunctiva], and they react with antibodies that bind to the cells in your eyes,” he said. These antibodies cause the body to release histamine – which also causes congestion that often accompanies swollen eyes.


Allergens that cause this damage, … including allergens from outside the room as a kind of pollen and mold …. And allergens from indoor allergens such as dogs and cats,,,, and mold in the room ..


How bad is puffy eyes ( Swollen eyes)   results ? ..

“Although medication and shots have helped alleviate my symptoms, they do not do much good in treating my ‘eye allergies,'” said Jones. “My eyes often become swollen, itchy, red and watery. Pleasant feeling not only that, it looks awful and I have had people ask me if I was crying or if I was sick, because of the way my eyes look bad.”

The experience of Jacqueline Jones, 31, of Frankfort, Ky., She knows what it’s like having swollen eyes.


Symptoms of allergies Jones also made her contact lenses blurry, disturbing vision.


Tips to Ease Eye swelling..


Remember … because this is your precious eyes, .. so check your doctor before you try any treatment,,,

Consider the following solutions:

“Wash your face …. The first thing to address is itchy, swollen eyes … “Ogbogu said …” This may help wash away the allergens that cause everything …. that stick to the skin and eyelashes …. ”


“Rinse the outside of the eye …. with a little water, .. well enough to help reduce allergens in the interior of your eyes … and help flush them out …


“Apply a cold compress,,, around the eyes, .. help overcome the itching and swelling .. “said Ogbogu

Soak a towel or washcloth in cold water or cool damp cloth or eye pillow. Then lie down with compresses on your eyes to let the coolness reduce swelling.



“You can try special eye drops allergy …. Ogbogu suggest trying a decrease of over-the-counter eye made to soothe itchy, puffy eyes caused by allergies. Jones relies on prescription eye drops for eye puffiness. Her eye doctor prescription eye drop called antihistamines olopatadine (Patanol) which, together with other treatments of his allergies, relieve eye.


“There it is with oral medications or getting allergy shots … Ogbogu said that allergy medicine over-the-counter or prescription, including antihistamines, may provide some relief for milder allergy symptoms, including swollen eyes. …


Along with his eye drops, Jones received allergy shots twice a week and take some allergy medicine to keep allergy symptoms under control.


Staying in the house. “The weather conditions played a role,” said Ogbogu. .. Conditions were windy air with plenty of pollen in the air, … can cause swelling … makes you have to deal with continued exposure to allergens …

. On days when the outdoor allergens are high, stay indoors and keep outdoor activities for just after a rain, when the allergens slightly fills the air.


But if some of the following events occur, you should contact your doctor immediately:


Feeling like something is stuck in your eye

Pain in the eye

Blurry vision

Decrease in vision


Ogbogu say this even do-it-yourself and home remedies are not always a good choice. “If you have an intense redness that does not leave, you need to go to your doctor.” …


For some alternative medicine, .. please you see on the right side of this blog ….










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